The O.B. (Original Bag)

The O.B. (Original Bag)

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Born out of late season, early season, shoulder season...late golf. 30 degree mornings and frost warnings, of hitting your first ball cold from the trunk of your car with a long iron and shivers crackle through your wrists to your spine. You're warm, you dressed well. Your balls? Not so much.

100% Closed Cell Neoprene Construction for Durability and Heat Retention.

Quick Release Plastic Buckle with Nylon Webbing to connect anywhere... on your bag, around the gear shift on the way over.

Embedded Rare Earth Magnet holds your Balszac Widget or any other metal tool for easy access.

Interior Mesh Sleeve holds the Balszac Spark in place for optimal heat dispersion.

Stitched Port allows you tap into the Spark to charge your phone in the outside pocket, or keep it inside the OB for added security and protection.

The Balszac OB : Play Long

"80% of the game is 300% mental"