Growing up, did you ever want to come inside?  Neither did Teddy. He'd just take a drink from the hose and keep going. 

 Well, we're adults now, so were making and finding stuff that's our drinking from the hose equivalent.  Balszac® was started to honor our history and find, create and bring you those ‘things’. 

The 'Torch" A rechargeable hand warmer / flash light / phone charger.

The 'OB' (Original Bag) A premium heat retaining golf accessory bag. A divot tool that holds your club or cigar. We’ll keep searching and creating, you keep playing.

The 'Widget", divot fixer, club or cigar holder (your choice) with magnetic ball marker...and the whole things magnet stick it on any piece of metal..including the golf cart.

 - And even though we're small (currently), we're going to donate a portion of our profits to local chapters of Boys and Girls Club of America because they are dedicated to our youth and generally awesome.  To share a local chapters mission :


The mission of the ... Boys & Girls Club is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from challenging circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive responsible and caring citizens.

How great is that.  Keep drinking from the hose.

- Teddy